MindHeart Lab, Born Out Of Tragedy & Love


  • EduPal Robot, The robot with a heart that teaches, was inspired by the Founder's son Ed that is diagnosed with ADHD and Schizophrenia!
  • MindHeart Lab Co-founders have been involved with autism and brain science their entire lives and careers. 
  • EduPal Robot & Software Development Platform with Virtual Mirror Technology utilizes Emotional Intelligence, AI & AR integrated into the facial muscles and bones of a child. We are using naturalistic facial expression synthesis, based on real children, to eventually be used to help train caregivers to better interact with children with brain disorders. We are pioneering the concept of naturalistic, child-based facial expression synthesis for simulated children behavior. 

Communications, Emotion Context Education And Data!


  • The best way to simulate biological behavior is through biological models and the brain processes which give rise to behavior and social learning.
  • We can use these to animate lifelike models of the face with real-life emotion context that can interact like a human child to machine learn emotion behavioral insights.   
  • Parent Permission-Based Data Emotion Context Data Gathering, Collaboration & Child Report Distribution Platform. Besides the cognitive apps and games EduPal teaches, there is key indicators of brain health and social development along with the methods we are developing that may be useful for therapists and researchers working with individuals with autism, schizophrenia and brain injuries. 


MindHeart Team At Hollyrod Foundation's DesignCare Event


Left-To-Right Founding Team: Ed Meador (EduPal named after), Tony Meador, EduPal, Dr. Ben Bavarian, Dr. Maureen Dunne and Cathy Farmer.

   MindHeart Lab Team was fortunate to meet many amazing people at DesignCare, people passionate about helping the autism community and some amazing autistic kids. Hollyrod Founder's (Actress Holly Robinson and Former NFL Player Rod Peete) son RJ that works for the LA Dodgers, Kodi Lee that just won TV's America's Got Talent and Kalin Bennett, a 6' 10" center from Little Rock, Arkansas Kent State, a basketball player believed to be first with autism to earn a scholarship for an NCAA team sport.  

Hollyrod Foundation DesignCare Event - EduPal


  • What a great event, so many wonderful people, companies and organizations. 

  • Katie loves EduPal Robot, Katie and her mom have been so inspirational for MindHeart Lab. 


"EduPal provides autistic kids personalized learning"


Pradeesh Thomas, CEO of AGES Learning With Over 100 Autism Therapists providing ABA Therapy across the USA, Former Founder of several education companies that served over 10,000 schools.

   “I helped develop voice technologies for education and health to improve speech and language abilities that often impede children with learning disabilities. Our therapists liked the EduPal Robot and Platform so much they got involved to help design the cognitive behavior learning games and apps.”  

As Trusted Pal, EduPal Robot Engages Kids To Teach Them!


  • Creative features like "Create Your Own Animal Or Character" and "Name Your EduPal Robot" Make Learning Fun 
  • Cognitive Education  Approved Proven Games / Activities Teaching While Kids Are Young To Make The Biggest Impact 
  •  Communications Education With EduPal Touchscreen Give-Kids-A-Voice  

Some Of Our EduPal Robot Testimonials


Nadine Wright-Arbubakrr,Teacher, Mother of Autistic Child and Founder of Nassan’s Place Autism Center With Over 200 Autistic Kids. “EduPal is the best support tool for autism that I have seen!”

  “EduPal Robot is providing our kids a new fun way to help with their cognitive learning. My son Nassan has not spoken in 13 years, EduPal's Give-Kids-A-Voice is a new way to learn to communicate!


Michael Stone, Autism And Special Needs Specialists For Children, 23 Years - Orange School District, Designed Activities And Programs With Thousands Of Autistic Kids At Schools.

 “EduPal is an amazing tool that will help teach millions of kids with autism and learning disabilities. I can 

see EduPal in every school to help personalize, motivate and teach children emotion context at a young age when it can have the greatest impact. 


Dr. Joseph Shurman, MD, Scripps, “Voted By His Peers “Top Pain Doctor” in 2007, 2010, 2013 Diplomate American Board Anesthesiology, Diplomate American Academy Pain Management

  “The American Academy of Pediatrics requires all adolescents to be screened for depression, all children’s hospitals are required that every physician have pain management education, not cancer, but pain! I believe EduPal's Kid's Pain Expression Feature can be in every hospital for in-patient & out-patient care. The analytics alone could clearly improve the standard of children’s care.” 

Connect Autism & Special Needs Partners Around The World!

Developed by Scientists, Doctors, Teachers And Parents of Kids with Autism And Special Needs!


Experienced and Passionate Team With Over 100 Years Of Business, AI/Robotics, Technology And Healthcare Experience,  Our educators are certified in Early Childhood Education. We understand the importance of getting a jump start on education and emotion contact at an early age. 

Proprietary AI/EQ Virtual Mirror Face, Emotion Teaching Integrated w/ 14 Facial Bones & 43 Muscles!


 EduPal Robot embraces a personalized learning environment that will prepare children for emotion for at home and beyond. Proprietary Robot-To-App Platform Solution App Data Analytics.  

Partners develop to our Robot-to-App Multi-Device Platform, Voice/Motivation With Our API's & SDK's


 We work closely with our Development, Clinic, Autism Center, Education and Hospital Partners To Ensure The Most Advanced Technologies are leveraged.